Amy Lee

Fascinating Factor: Sharing Her Love and Talent of Playing the Harp With Students

By Judy Buchenot
Contributing Associate Editor
Published 12/22/2007

Wheaton resident Amy Lee started playing piano at the age of three and the began to play a junior-sized harp at six years old. She became an accomplished harpist playing with several symphonies. For ten years she was part of the Waly Disney World orchestra and played at park events including "lots and lots of weddings." Amy was the harpist in residence at the Art Institute of Chicago for ten years, played for four Presidents and went on college concert tours. When her daughter was born with special needs 12 years ago, Amy went back to college for a master's degree and became a special education teacher. She teaches special ed but still manages to play for corporate and private events. She has a large repertoire but loves to play rock music. "I've been stung by sting," she jokes. "I like to play anything by him. I also do the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Pink Floyd. People never expect to hear rock music on the harp and they really enjoy hearing things they recognize."

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